A partner has told me they have an infection

If we diagnose a sexually transmitted infection (STI), we often recommend ‘contact tracing’ of all recent sexual partners. This is to stop couples passing an infection back and forth between each other; and also to give previous partners an opportunity to be tested. Many infections do not cause symptoms so it not always possible to know how long the person has carried the infection.

There are 2 ways to carry out contact tracing:

  • The person informs his/her partners
  • A Sexual Health Advisor does this for him/her. This is done anonymously, this means your ex-partners will not know that you have tested positive for a STI


It can come as a shock to hear that you have been at risk of catching a STI, but remember anyone having sex is at risk of infection. If you are named as a contact, please make an appointment at your GP Surgery or the Nordhaven Clinic and we can arrange testing and treatment for you.

If your current partner has a STI it is important that you avoid having sex until both of you have been treated properly.

Also remember that condoms protect against most STIs and are available at the clinic or your GP surgery.


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