How can I be seen at the clinic?

Nordhaven clinic sees patients from all over Orkney, including people who are only here for a short time.

You can phone (01856) 888917 to make an appointment.

There is also a Drop-in clinic on a Wednesday afternoon between 3.30pm and 5.30pm. No appointment is necessary and you can just come along. There may be a short wait if other people arrive before you.


What to Expect

The receptionist at the desk will ask you to fill in a form. This will include your contact details and some information about why you have come. You can fill in as much or little as you like.

The clinic runs from the health centre. There will GP surgeries running at the same time. People in the waiting room will not know you are being seen about a sexual health problem.

You will be called to a consulting room. The doctor will ask you some questions about why you have come. They may ask you some questions which you find personal or sensitive. This is to allow us to offer you the right advice, tests and treatments for your problem.


Can I ask to see a man or a woman?

Yes, both men and women doctors work at the clinic. Please ask the receptionist when you book.


Who will know I have been to the clinic?

This is a confidential service. This means we will not tell anyone outside the service if you wish. We will ask before sending any information to your GP.

If you are under 16 years, but are able to understand the pros and cons of any test or treatment, we will not tell your parent if you don’t want them to know. We would however recommend you consider discussing it with them.

The only time we would consider breaching this is if we felt you were at risk of harm, for example if someone was being abused. This is very rare, and is something we would discuss with you before doing anything.


Will I need to be examined?

Not always. If you just wanted to have a check-up, we might ask you to collect a sample for a test. We would only examine you if it was absolutely necessary.

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