Contraception works by preventing a man’s sperm from fertilising a woman’s egg, and this can be done in several different ways.

There are two main types of contraception:

Barrier Methods:

Physically prevents sperm from swimming into the uterus and fertilising the woman's egg

Hormonal Methods:

Alters a woman’s hormonal cycle to prevent fertilisation.


If you do choose to have sex (and you should only have sex when you're sure that you're ready) you need to make sure that you use contraception if you don't want to fall pregnant. You shouldn't feel pressured into having sex just because others are. It’s important to feel that you’re ready before you start having sex.

There are lots of different methods of contraception, you should choose the right one to suit you and your relationship.  Click the tabs above to learn more about different methods of contraception or visit the links below:

For more information please visit:  Contraception Guide - NHS Choices

Diaphragms and Caps:  Diaphragm & Caps (FPA)

Contraceptive Patch:  Contraceptive Patch (FPA)

Natural Family Planning:  Natural Family Planning (FPA)

Vaginal Ring:  Contraceptive Vaginal Ring (FPA)

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